Tuesday November 22nd

The Grog Shop

We're opening for the amazing Dickies and also the Queers!!!! This is a dream come true! Puffins are playing second after Perverts Again. YOU CAN'T MISS THIS!!!

Saturday January 8th

The Beachland Tavern

Join us as Baker rushes head on into Elderlyville. It's his 60th ( YES SIXTIETH! ) birthday and the Tufted Puffins are celebrating the only way that makes sense: Rocking the Fuck Out with great friends and great bands! Opening the evening will be Rumbling Spires, a band made up of many legendary Cleveland musicians. The Puffins will be second so Mike doesn't have to stay sober all night. And closing the show will be our good pals 45 Spider. Please come out to what is sure to be a blowout evening. It'll make an old man happy!