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The Tufted Puffins is a re-emergence of musicians from numerous local bands of note in the volatile 80's and 90's Cleveland / Kent / Akron scene. It was a time when Devo, The Dead Boys, The Pagans, Tin Huey, and Pere Ubu were local bar bands. The music is a high energy blending of Garage Punk / Psychedelic rock from guys who remember it rather than imagine it, who were old enough to do the really good stuff and smart enough to stop at some point. Having been through it all before, the Puffins know we haven't a snowball's chance in Hell of getting anywhere, but where we're at is just fine. As a part of the burgeoning Cleveland music scene we're surrounded by great bands and venues and audiences that other towns would kill for. It's a band of seasoned musicians who just want to play for the pure joy of raucous music.

But don't be fooled into thinking this is another lame punk revival band! The Tufted Puffins take the stage with a fierceness that only veteran punkers understand. Forged in the fires of the Cleveland punk tradition; angry aggression mixed with sarcastic goofiness; the Puffins bring a fresh new sound along with true authenticity. Jagged hooks, screaming guitars, pounding drums, all mix with a new sense of melody and tricky song writing that gives the Tufted Puffins their own unique sound.

Make no mistake. The point of a Tufted Puffins show is big sweaty aggressive fun. We leave it all on the stage every show. The audience sweats as much as the band. That's the Cleveland way to do it!

Mike Baker

- Vocals, Guitar

The creator of notorious Cleveland bands Sleazy Jesus and the Splatter Pigs and Hucklebuck, Mike has been a thorn in the side of the establishment for decades. Older and maybe wiser, he chooses to be not so controversial for a change but can still write a wickedly hooky song and lay it all out on stage.

Baker is very old. So very, very old.

Ken Brown

- Bass

Ken hit Cleveland in the eighties from Boston and got sucked in by Baker to become the bass player for Sleazy Jesus and the Splatter Pigs. They've played together on and off ever since. Ken also played in the very intense Ten Tons of Hell. An accomplished musician and audio engineer, Ken runs his own recording studio and plays for various theatre orchestras and other musical projects.

He also has some long ago connection with KC and the Sunshine Band that he likes to talk about but no one really understands.

Tom Huff

- Guitar

Tom formerly played in Burning Lesbians with Dave Cintron, Sam Ludwig and Scott Pickering. Since then he has made amazing music as a recording artist with Roscoe Disposal Co. (with markymoon), Carbondriver, Motorboat and 2lb. Spread!

2lb. Spread!, as well as several other projects, has been featured in Alternative Press.

Tom is The Buff Puffin.


- Drums

markymoon is always lowercase, almost off of probation and almost out of his meds. He has slapped the skins for Zen-Luv Assassins, Professional Againsters, Roscoe Disposal Co., 2lb. Spread! Cathedral 45 and Final Solution.

He likes tacos... this is very important!

The Tufted Puffins have opened for such notable bands as:

The Woggles... The Dickies... The Queers... Green Jello... Peelander Z... Cheetah Chrome... Dead Freddie... X _ X... The Down-Fi... Great Plains


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Supercorruptor February 9th 2016

The band plays what I consider a "classic" sounding punk rock. The songs are all tight and concise and to the point, but also intelligent and annoyed. This isn't the garbage that gets passed off as mainstream punk today. The more I listen to this, the more it reminds me of the Buzzcocks, with elements of The Dead Boys and The Stooges added in. While the songs themselves are catchy, I think it’s the quality of the lyrics that sells me on the band. A band like this isn't as much about the almighty riff as much as the tunefulness of the song, so don't expect any big breakdowns or fist-pounders or anything.

Sonically, this is a really clean-sounding record. I'm left wanting more after the 12 minutes of songs is over. Check them out. - Jason

Lakewood Observer April 12th 2016

"Coulda Been You" is a mega-catchy punk rock number with great harmonies/backing vocals. The following track, "Diamond In The Rough," has a total '60s garage rock feel to it, kind of like it was pulled right off of Nuggets or one of the thousands of other '60s garage punk comps. It kinda sounds like The Sonics meet The Stooges, which is pretty cool. After that is "Living In America," which finds the band going psychedelic, with a bassline ripped nearly straight from the Beatles' "Taxman." Only steal from the best, I guess. The lyrics are far from '60s love and peace, however – at one point, our narrator describes wanting to shove someone's face through a window. That's pretty punk, I suppose. The final track is "It's Up To You," a '70s-esque punk/hard rock song. Also, the super-fast kick drum is a nice touch, and a pretty unexpected one. I wasn't expecting heavy metal drumming to show up on this. As this CD is only 4 songs and clocks in at a little under twelve and a half minutes, it definitely leaves you wanting more. This is way better than I was expecting, I guess because of the name, but hey. It was good! 4/5


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